365 Days Ago…

Can’t believe it’s been a year. It feels like yesterday I was sitting on that wedding chair getting ready, with butterflies in my stomach while I finalized my vows. It was a magical afternoon, the weather was perfect (August outdoor weddings in California are a gamble), and our friends and families were ready to toast to glowing couple.

Our wedding anniversary is a milestone, a feeling of accomplishment that creates a thirst of what’s yet to come. Charlie is my everything. My beloved, my rock, a pivotal force that keeps me going, growing, and loving.

More nuptial chronicles coming soon, but for now, I’m letting the pictures do the storytelling. Check out a few snaps from that fateful Sunday afternoon when the words ‘I do’ took centerstage — 365 days ago!



Wedding Day Valorie Darling Photography




Wedding Anniversary Cake Cutting

Wedding Anniversary Cake Cutting

Wedding Anniversary

Photos: Valorie Darling Photography

Ryzenberg (OK, Mrs. Jasper now) On, is Signing Off



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