From The Oscars to the Parties — My Top Three Picks Pre & Post Affair

Another awards season is in the books and it ended with the granddaddy of them all — the Oscars. Though it was a relative ‘tame’ red carpet, there were still … Continue Reading →


Ex-‘Cuse Me: Amie Parnes and Talking Snow With Vice President Joe

Friday, January 23, 2015. A date which will live in hilarity. For those of you who know me or have been reading the blog for a bit, my life is … Continue Reading →


Sultry & Sweet Valentine’s Day Picks Straight from my Closet

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, I often think of the same thing — why should only one of the year represent love and romance? So for this romantic holiday, I … Continue Reading →

Lupita Nyon'go SAG Awards

This New Holy Trinity is Something to SAG About, AFTRA While…

Yes, my beloved reader(s?), I am fully aware the SAG Awards were almost a week ago.  Yes, I know that by now, all the photos, analyses and praises are in the … Continue Reading →


Fight the Flu With These At-Home Essentials

If you are going to a public place where everyone is coughing, sneezing or wheezing — chances are that you may get sick. Though it took me a bit to … Continue Reading →


My Standout Picks from the 2015 Golden Globes

I know I am a bit tardy to this party, (a week to be exact) but here are my Golden Globes picks. This red carpet was filled the usual Hollywood … Continue Reading →


The LA Uniform: Booties, Denim & Plaid

When it comes to Los Angeles — we all know the weather is a lot more forgiving than in most parts of the U.S., so now that the temperature is … Continue Reading →


VIDEO: No Sewing Fashion Hacks With Glam.com

So now that the holidays are done and we are back to normal mode, I partnered up with Glam for a series of fun and easy DIY tips! Remember this … Continue Reading →


So Far Everything is Accounted For & My Plan To 2015 Organization

I am happy to say I officially survived the first week of 2015 without losing anything and that, for me, is quite an accomplishment! See, I don’t believe in resolutions, … Continue Reading →


Saying Hello to 2015 in Red, Sparkles & a Bit of Chanel

What better way to start my 2015 sartorialisms than wearing red, some glitz and of course Chanel because as we all know from ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ everyone is always … Continue Reading →