An Enchanting Stroll Around The Cheery Island of Burano

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since this unforgettable adventure with my family, as it also marks the last time I set foot inside an airplane. Quite frankly, I am ‘sort of’ enjoying it.

One of the stops we made outside Venice was the quaint and colorful island of Burano, filled with picturesque buildings, sweet spots, and charming vibe. This island is next to the super touristy Murano, which is popular for its glass blowing techniques, but for me, Buraro takes the cake.

The whole family (all 14 of us) spent the afternoon strolling around, taking lots of pictures and we even stopped for a delicious authentic Italian lunch at Trattoria al Gato Nero followed by gelato at an outdoor kiosk. As I strolled around, I felt as if I was part of  an old Italian film a la Sofia Loren with a tropical twist.

When visiting this effervescent island, be sure to check out some of their lace shops and museum. Burano locals have been experts at this skill since the 15th Century and even attracted Leonardo Da Vinci, who used the local lace for the Duomo di Milano.

Getting here is as easy as checking out the vaporetto routes, as there is one that comes directly from Venice. Water taxis also get here from the island, but they tend to be pricier. Believe me, it will be an unforgettable afternoon — even if it took me a year to write about it!

But boy oh boy, am I wanderlusting about this trip and everything this island has to offer is simply amore. Can’t wait to go on vacation again, because it looks like I may not be leaving on a jet plane for  some time.

Have an amazing weekend and be sure to share your favorite vacation antics!

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