Tis’ The Day to Say Thanks & Be Grateful

As I sit here and write, I must say that it’s is blissful outside as there are no cars driving at crazy speeds, workers hammering away at the nearby construction site and choppers circling around the area (yup, that’s LA living, nonetheless) — and I must say I am very thankful for that.

Thanksgiving takes an ordinary Thursday and turns it to a quiet, tradition-filled holiday full of memories, good TV and incredible food — the centerpiece of it all, I must say. As I get ready to spend my first Turkey Day in Southern California, I can’t help it but look at my surroundings and be so happy for everything that’s taken place this year.

The blog keeps flourishing, my family stands proud and I keep on going despite some storms on the way and challenges, but I am learning to get up, stand tall and keep on truckin’!

Enjoy this beautiful holiday and find something you are grateful for and never let it go! I can pretty much guarantee, it could turn into something magical.

Stay tuned for some fantastic blog pieces this holiday season and once again, thank you, today and always for stopping by and reading bits and pieces of my gobbling’ gobbling world.

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