The Essence of Fall & Adventures in the Countryside

Though we are already drinking out of red cups (how and I mean why?!?) I am still embracing every moment of fall. Here in Los Angeles, this is the first week that’s actually been a bit balmy and it’s rather glorious. There is something magical as the leaves turn color, the air gets a bit chillier, and I do a happy dance because I get to wrap myself with a blanket whilst watching my trashy TV shows.

Last month, Charlie and I gathered the masses (our friends) to go on a day trip apple picking. We packed the truck and headed about 2 hours east to Oak Glen, where we went apple picking and spent a full day in the outdoors.

The best part? I barely had any reception so it was fantastic having uninterrupted silence and little to no time trolling around social media. See, it’s the simple things that sometimes bring a smile to my face.

In terms of apples, we stopped by an orchard that had a variety of apples perfect for pie. Though we had to wait a little bit to get in, the whole thing was well worth it. We picked all sorts of treats, enjoyed some autumn snacks like apples and caramel, and drank incredibly delicious cider.

Afterwards, we explored the town for a bit and then headed to Forest Falls near Big Bear. The views were incredible and we just took time to relax and enjoy some of our surroundings, since LA is not exactly known for its countryside.

This is exactly what the fruits of my labor looks like — fun weekends with friends, lots of good adventures, and sweet endings of any kind.

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