Strolling Around the Charming Greek Island of Corfu

Though I know that I am a bit (just slightly, though) behind on my post, but hey a big move to Los Angeles and adjusting to this new adventure sometimes takes its toll — without further ado I give me my adventure in Corfu from this summer.

Despite being a quick afternoon stop, I fell in love with this charming Greek Island on the Ionian Sea. Though it is completely different to Mykonos, its charm is felt everywhere with its blue waters, cobblestone streets and lovely buildings complete with balconies and pizzazz.

We spent the afternoon walking around, wandering through stores and enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe. The city center is very easy to navigate and walk around and it was fun to stumble across incredible Corinthian style structures and even ruins.

Because we had such a limited time on the island, I wasn’t able to explore its crystal clear beaches and pristine coast, which is rather famous. So I guess this gives me a reason to come back in the (hopefully near) future.

Since Thanksgiving is just a few days away, each post this week will include a gratitude bit — as I am so thankful to have an amazing family that supports me no matter what and best of all, we still get to travel together. We’ve been doing it for years and now we even have a baby on board, so that makes everything magical.

What are you grateful for this holiday? Do share, do tell!

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