Shelter in Sweats

Spring normally gets me pumped for the rest of the year but here we are in 2020 with a global virus, and everything remotely familiar went out the window overnight. Beach vacations, family visits, and even a simple night out on the town are out of commission until further notice.

For the next few months I’ll be chez moi and any fancy dressing up is officially cancelled. Speaking of tough sartorial decisions, I can count on one hand the number of days I wore pants with buttons in the last six weeks. When living amidst a pandemic, comfort is key and just like food, water, and toilet paper, sweatpants are a basic necessity for survival and sanity. 

My new normal is rudimentary. Long drives are the new vacations, Target runs are deemed indulgent, the specialty aisles at the grocery store are indeed a treat, and all my socializing is done via screen. How times have changed!

You can find me tackling this new status quo wearing a good pair of sweats, comfy hoodie, and lots of tees.


Shelter in Sweaters

LNDR make the snuggliest sweaters and their leggings are ultra flattering. Though mine is from last year, here is a similar one. I got it one size bigger to get that extra cozy feel. I wore it pretty much every day during this quarantine until LA skipped straight to summer with 90 plus degree temperatures last weekend!



Shelter in Athleisure

This fashion trend has been de rigueur for the past few years, and for good reason. Perfect for walks around the neighborhood with Tank or a quick workout, Terez and Onzie have an array of playful leggings that I love. They enhance all the right curves and create a put-together look — given the orders to stay put at home!

My Favorite Sweatshirts

My Favorite Sweats & Leggings