For the Love of Lanvin

Ever wondered what’s like to camp outside a store??? Well, when I heard Lanvin was collaborating with H&M, I know that was my call in….so check it out!

It was indeed worth it! and made amazing friends…..btw, It’s Sunday afternoon and I am still delirious!


I sat my ass OUTSIDE of H&M on Powell in the pouring rain and freezing cold from 9PM ‘til 8AM for the Lanvin collection. Crazy? Yes. Worth it? HELL yes. It was definitely an experience to say the least, and I bonded with my fellow fashion junkies while huddling under umbrellas sitting on chairs wrapped in wet blankets and holding hand warmers to our ears. I still cannot even believe I did that though.

Lanvin has been one of my most favorite labels for who knows how long. I think Alber Elbaz is the cutest little man and a genius. 

Yep! that’s me and America’s most famous BEARD…In true Jes style, I met him at the SHOE SECTION of Neiman Marcus. 

Here’s the deal — there was all this clapping and commotion going on while I was trying on a killer pair of black Sam Edelman sexy black pumps. Soon after, I realize it was Brian Wilson so I took off the shoes (told the sales assistant I’d be back momentarily) RAN where he was and begged for a photo. 

Exact quote to the “beard’s” handler/friend/publicist: “Listen, I just left two pairs of shoes and I need to take a picture with this man.”

The rest is history…..and I walked out with incredible footwear! Now that’s what I call a true GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for now, Jes on…is signing off