On Vacation I go…And Time to Decompress

I am leaving on a jet plane pretty soon to see the family, meet my new baby niece and spend some QT around incredible sights and locales. Since I tend to never take this feat quite seriously, I am actually leaving my computer chez moi and taking some time to decompress, relax, live the moment and make memories.

Of course, I will be tweeting and Instagramming, and I promise some incredible pieces once I return to the dog-and-pony show. There are going to be some incredible sartorialisms (some stripes of course,) local gems from afar and lots of incredible travel tales.

As to where I am headed? I guess you’ll have to follow me on the social media, as all of this will be documented de rigueur.

Ryzenberg On, is Signing Off (and this time, for a few weeks!)

Photo via Pinterest Garnet Hill 



  • Have so much fun with your new niece! Can’t wait to see her pretty pics and of course, yours too!

    • ryzenbergon

      Awww shucks, B! Vacation was wonderful and there’s plenty to come on the blog — xx