Everything is A-OK inside this Los Angeles Gem

Every time I am in Los Angeles, I have to take a stroll around 3rd Street. Several of my friends live around there and Magnolia, Joan’s on Third and Toast are perfect people watching spots.

Of course, though I am not known to chase culinary delights (unless they have a lot of sugar), I must say the boutiques on this block are simply divine and OK store always catches my ADD-filled attention. The chairs outside, their books, home furnishings and jewels sure steal the spotlight.

This local gem has an array of pieces that share a special story that’s often unique and exotic. Looking for a special gift? You’ll probably find it here — as there is a fantastic selection of home decor gifts, travel gadgets, cards, stationary and even toys for the little ones. Also, be sure to treat yourself with some of their unique stones and gorgeous gems.

When I was there earlier this year, I chatted with Larry, the owner and he told me amazing stories about the store and its merchandise. I was in awe with several of the home pieces, as I was still in the midst of putting together my beloved Alamo Square pad. Larry was so friendly and warm, and that I had to ask if a San Francisco location was on the horizon.

Sadly, that’s not one of his future endeavors, but the good news is that their site has e-commerce and a terrific blog with inspirations from around the globe.

Even better news — there is a second location in Silver Lake, so if you are wandering the east side, be sure to stop by.

Ryzenberg On, is Signing Off


A glimpse of the store and so happy I snapped this picture.


These chairs always intrigue me. Have plotted many times to bring one to SF!


Is there anything more dapper than Steve McQueen? Maybe other gents in this book and their sartorialisms.


Get a piece of Philly and New York right in the heart of Los Angeles!

OK Los Angeles | 8303 W. 3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90048 | 323.653.3501 | Hours: Monday-Saturday 11a-6:30p Sunday 12p-6pm | website: www.okthestore.com


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