Create A Cozy Office Space With Fresh Blooms

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Spice up your office with a fun summer bouquet. Recently, I was having ‘one of those weeks’ and this sweet dahlia arrangement brought lots of color and life to my office space.

I spend many hours here pondering, writing editing and searching — so I always make my nook as cozy as possible. Since this space also doubles as a closet and sometimes dining area, so I needed something with plenty of character and versatility.

My mosaic tile table and chairs are from World Plus Cost Market, as it is intended to be patio furniture. Considering that I live in a studio and don’t have the large space to hold a dining room, I turned it into my work space/dinning area. All the other pieces are from either flea markets, and even childhood — as is the case with my Caran d’Ache colors that have been with me for more than 20 years.

A special thanks to the fine folks at Bloom That for providing me with such gorgeous buds and remember if you need to impress, be sure to order one of their incredible handcrafted pieces online and they’ll  deliver around the Bay Area in 90 or less! Can anyone beat that? I think not.

Ryzenberg On, is Signing Off

Arrangement courtesy of Bloom That






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